5 Ways To Return to the Dance Studio Safely

With the beginning of dance season upon us, studios are ready to re-open their doors to students for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Although students are eager to return, some things may be a bit different.

With new regulations enforced or suggested, your previous routine, habits, and even attire for class may need a few tweaks.

To help students, parents, and studio owners make an easy transition into this transformed studio experience, here are a few tips, tricks, and products to keep everyone safe so the fun can continue throughout the year!



Wearing a face mask has not only become the norm, but is mandatory for entering and exiting dance studios, making it an essential item you need to return to the studio safely. Because students will be together in an enclosed space for longer periods of time, wearing a face covering adds an additional level of protection from exposure to COVID-19.

With dancers in mind, BLOCH has created the B-Safe Adult Face Mask which offers comfort, breathability, and dust control to make the mask easily wearable during classes. Dance Essentials can even customize your neoprene face masks with initials, names, days of the week, and more to keep you organized and add a personalized touch.

Contact us to learn more about customizing your face mask!



Medical professionals are suggesting that students avoid being barefoot in class and wear shoes or socks while in the studio. For those who prefer to dance barefoot or are taking a modern/contemporary class, this may be one of the more difficult changes to adapt to.

Enter Blochsox™... a cutting edge dance sock designed to provide dancers with support and stability.

Blending the freedom of dancing barefoot with the control of a shoe, this is the perfect alternative that will help you stay safe while feeling comfortable as you move.

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A good tip even without a pandemic is to pack your own water bottle. Dancers work hard during classes and rehearsals so staying hydrated is key to keeping your energy up.

Instead of drinking from a public water fountain or spending money on plastic water bottles, students can fill up their reusable water bottle at home so they’re prepared for class.

Reusable water bottles come in a variety of sizes, even extra large ones like this 32oz Capezio Water Bottle, so you can avoid refilling as much as possible. This not only avoids germs and bacteria, but is great for the environment as well!



Studios are making adjustments to common spaces such as change rooms, by requiring students to keep all of their belongings with them in the studio. 

This can become a bit chaotic and messy, especially with younger dancers, so we suggest using a dance bag to keep your belongings organized. Everything from shoes, to sweaters, to face masks can be stored neatly, guaranteeing nothing is misplaced or handled by other students.

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After wearing a face mask to dance class, you want to ensure you or your dancer has a safe way of handling the mask after it’s used.

By keeping a sealable bag like a Ziploc bag handy, you have a safe way to bring your reusable mask home for washing (reusable face masks should be washed after each use).